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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I buy from Detroit Garage Works?

We make the finest industrial cleaning products within the entire industrial cleaning industry. The DGW team has been in the heavy-duty cleaning product business for over 21 years working for and providing advanced insight, new product development, various product lines and earth friendly materials to some of the world’s largest name brand manufacturers.

What differentiates DGW from its leading competition?

Developed in the field products and not some marketing genius sitting in the third office cube trying to increase profits for the company. Second to none performance, use of only the best raw materials, developed to be safe for the user and safe for the environment, customer friendly service and 100% guaranteed performance or your money back.

How effective are DGW products on grease, oil, carbon and other heavy soils?

We provide the very best of cleaning strength to conquer all of these types of soils and much more, and without causing harm (dryness, dermatitis or irritation) to the end-user or the environment when used as instructed.

How is that possible?

All of our products with the exception of Torque Drive are designed to be non-irritant to the skin and are biodegradable when used and rinsed properly. Although Torque Drive is water based product it contains a slightly corrosive agent to deep clean porous concrete. As always safety precautions and instructions should be strictly followed and are included with every product and on-line.

Aren’t all heavy duty hand cleaners made with pumice and plastic scrubbers?

Most are, but ours are not since most pumice and plastic scrubbers are equivalent to 120 grit sand paper when used on the skin. We’ve chosen to be “Pumice Free” and utilize purified walnut shell powder just like the leading cosmetic companies use for facial scrubs as opposed to rough pumice and plastic. The walnut shell powder is not an allergen, will not clog drains, and is 100% biodegradable unlike the others.

Where are DGW products made?

55% in the US, 20% Canada,15% Asia and 10% Germany and are assembled, packaged, warehoused and shipped from either Detroit, Michigan or a secondary warehouse in Livonia, Michigan.

Why not 100% made in the US?

We believe in global diversity and therefore we not only purchase from, but we also sell into global markets providing additional high quality US jobs.

Why doesn’t DGW offer more products?

Because we would rather be the leader in our field as opposed to trying to be all things to everyone as many of our competitors have unsuccessfully tried.

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