Our Products

Detroit B.A.D.TM

Detroit B.A.D.™ is a concentrated multi-purpose Badass Cleaner-Degreaser that cleans the worst oil, grease, grime and a multitude of other dirt and soils from concrete, metals, fabrics, engine parts, tires and wheels, decks, patio furniture and much more. Our highly effective formula is made without harmful solvents, phenol, caustics, acids or phosphates. It does not contain any known carcinogens and is environmentally safe. (Concentrated and may be diluted or RTU for extra-heavy soils.)

1 quart / 12cs


1 gallon / 4cs


5 gallon / 1ea


55 gallon / 1ea


275 gallon / 1ea


Torque DriveTM

Torque Drive™ is a powerful fast-acting revolutionary cleaner that removes a wide range of oils, grease, transmission fluid and other contaminates from concrete, shop floors and driveway surfaces. Torque Drive™ is water-based and contains no caustics, acids, petroleum solvents or phosphates. It proudly outperforms all other harsh and dangerous driveway cleaners on the market today. (Ready to use.)

1 quart / 12cs


1 gallon / 4cs


Paul’s Detroit Auto WashTM

Paul’s Detroit Auto Wash™ is an original retro-classic car wash made with today’s technology but with a twist — It’s even better than what was used by the nation’s very first automatic car wash back in 1946. Paul’s Detroit Auto Wash™ is made to thoroughly clean Detroit’s finest iron, steel, aluminum, carbon and fiberglass vehicles without harming or stripping the vehicle’s finish.

1 gallon / 4cs


5 gallon / 1ea


McGraw Glass CleanerTM

McGraw Glass Cleaner™ is a ready-to-use ammonia free cleaner for glass, mirrors, and stainless steel that is safe for use on tinted glass. It’s made to reduce the surface tension of water and to eliminate the static charge of which reduces the tendency of re-soiling immediately or even a few days after cleaning when wiped off properly.

1 quart / 12cs


1 gallon / 4cs


Windsor TrimTM Microfiber

Windsor Trim™ Microfiber is our ultra-soft blend of cleaner and absorbent cloth for paramount cleaning, polishing or drying surfaces such as , glass, Lexan®, Plexiglas®, mirrors, plastics or fabrics without scratching. Each tightly woven, 16”X16”, 18# weight, 310-thread cloth will last over 200 washes when used, washed and dried properly. Available in Yellow, Blue, Red, Green, Orange and White.

12 pack


144 case


B-24 Liberator Aircraft Wash

B-24 Liberator is a revolutionary new product for cleaning aircraft exterior surfaces effectively and safely with no degradation to the aircraft or to the environment. B-24L replaces harsh alkaline cleaners that rely on high pH levels for cleaning. B-24L removes dirt, grime, exhaust soot, fuel residues, and other contaminants without harming the surface. B-24L is safe on glass, Lexan®, sealants, metal alloys, rubber, and all other exterior components. Concentrated for maximum performance and efficiency.

1 gallon / 4cs


5 gallon / 1ea


55 gallon / 1ea


Woodward-M1 Chemical Dispenser

With AccuPro Technology by Hydro Systems you can eliminate dilution variance and ensure your customers are never using too much or too little chemical. You will always be dispensing just the right amount! The Woodward-M1 includes:

  • 1-5 GPM flow rate options
  • New, expansive workspace to easily route tubes
  • Easy, tool-free maintenance
  • E-Gap and AirGap options to satisfy regulatory standards
  • Simple to use mounting brackets for fast installations

An optional bottle holder is available and will hold up to four 1 Gallon bottles (#812644).



Ultra Heavy DutyTM

Ultra Heavy Duty cleaner with Walnut shell-X scrubbers for clean-up of the worst grease, grime, oils, carbon and soils. Made with extra-fine nonallergenic biodegradable walnut shells. An environmentally responsible Bead-Free™ cleaner.

2 liter / 4cs


1/2 gallon pump / 4cs


Medium/Heavy DutyTM

Medium/Heavy Duty cleaner with Walnut shell-X scrubbers and moisturizers for the clean-up of heavy grease and grime. An environmentally responsible Bead-Free™ cleaner.

2 liter / 4cs


1/2 gallon pump / 4cs


Light Duty LotionTM

Light Duty multi-purpose lotion cleaner for use with washing hands, and hair or showering. Skin comparable to prevent dryness.

2 liter / 4cs


1/2 gallon pump / 4cs


Anti-Bond/Paint RemoverTM

Specialty Anti-Bonding cleaner for the removal of paint, glue, adhesives, resins and inks. Effective against lacquers, varnish and a multitude of various bonding agents. An environmentally responsible Bead-Free™ cleaner.

2 liter / 4cs


DGW Dispenser

Heavy Duty, long lasting, ABS plastic dispenser with stainless-steel push bar and adjustable shot size for long life.

2 liter / 1ea